Friday, 14 September 2012

Dell OptiPlex 790 desktop computer

So small, in fact, that it can easily nestle behind the monitor and there’s even an option for an all-in-one stand which mounts the computer on the back of the screen.
At any rate, it’s a tiny machine which won’t take up valuable desk space. The plastic casing may not look much but there’s a solid metal frame underneath.
It’s light enough to be moved around the office easily, if you must, and if energy consumption is a concern – as it should be, of course – the processor is as economical as Scrooge.
It has the latest processors, from Intel’s Sandy Bridge range – choose from Core i3, i5 or i7 - promising a performance upgrade of over 20pc compared to earlier models. And the Optiplex 790 has Dell’s data protection options such as the Backup and Recovery Manager which makes image backups and recovery disks.
There’s also a range of encryption capabilities along with hardware considerations like a security lock slot. Overall, the security is above average and enough to satisfy IT managers’ concerns.
As usual with Dell, customisation is a major element so you only need pay for what you want. Spend a bit extra and you can upgrade the RAM to as much as 16GB. You can swap a hard drive of up to 1,000GB capacity for a fast flash-memory SSD or solid state drive of 128MB capacity, or have both if you prefer.
There are larger cases available as well, if you need extras like memory card readers and extra card slots. And if you opt for the smallest model bear in mind it doesn’t have much room for expansion if it’s extra slots that are required.
Overall, this is a keenly priced desktop machine with strong security, a small footprint and low energy consumption.

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